DeShields, Shalia

Hello the students call me ...

< Miss S >


Miss DeShields is in her office sitting in front of a backdrop. On the backdrop is a large tree centered with colorful handprints as leaves. Surrounding the tree are words that read, In this office we are helpful, we achieve goals, we have fun, we are courteous, we are patient, we are friends, we are successful, we work together, we are a team. Miss DeShields is wearing a black shirt with white print that states, I want to see you win, along with a yellow hat and yellow sneakers.

Hey, my name is Shalia DeShields. The students call me Miss S. I am fairly new to Sharon Hill School as I started in January 2022. I am a Pa Licensed Clinician working as a Social Worker within in the Southeast Delco School District. I began working in the behavior health field in 2012 and have been Licensed since February 2018. 

When I am not working in the schools, I run a private practice and work as a Behavior Specialist in Delaware County. Outside of work, I am a Godmom of 5 who loves to spend time traveling with my soon to be 9 yr old Godson.

I am excited to work with your student during the 22-23 school year! I am here and happy to assist with providing any resources needed in the school, home, and community setting. Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have at 610-522-4355 Ext. 4580. 

Please know you are like a palm tree.

In a storm, a palm tree may bend but it will not break!Beach.png